Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Through the eyes of Ragnetto

Im safe from the earthquake. Thank GOD.
Taken from his Pentax film camera. Me being his muse. I really adore his works and him as well. Such a great person. :)
Anyways, Im so stoked cuz he's going to lend his camera to me for a while. No words can describe my feelings right now, haha. So yea, Ill update this shit more often, though Blogspot is horrible. Yea?

Lately Ive been so addicted altering clothes. The first one was my pants and turned it into shorts. It doesn't mean I like summer, I just prefer winter though. Im already done putting pyramid studs on my pants, pretty legit! Cant wait to wear it. Right now, Im putting studs on my spring coat and blazers.
Dearest Bad Economy, just get the hell out of here.

Buona notte, xo!

PS: I have a huge crush with these 2 Swedish hotsauce. ;P
I want her military jacket, NOW!


Sandra said...


Anonymous said...

i'm glad that you're safe. hug

Great, great photos Ryan!


cavaán said...

oh this is so sweet.
and i'm glad you're safe too. double hug.


jeffhahn said...

Great work you both did together.. lovely images! x