Monday, September 29, 2008

Sunday on the loose with tart

1. Via del Corso
2. Piazza della Repubblica
(I fond of vintage-ish photos slash faux film photos thats why there's a red-ish effect on the left corner. Aha!)

Yesterday my friends & I reunited after 2 months. So we went out in centro & check what's up. It was a nice day, sunshines & choco tarts inside my bag. Ahha!
My friends bought dresses for my parents incoming silver wedding anniversary. :] Speaking of clothes, I really don't have clue on what I'm gonna wear on that day.
Oh, & i saw a faux leather jacket @ Energie & I stared it for 5 minutes. I just hate it because my style doesn't fit on my budget!!!
We dined in at BK fast food before we leave. It was a great time & tortured at the same time. Since we walk, walk, walk, walk. My legs were fucked up.
We decided to do this again on Saturday. Come with me or Stalk me?


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

leftover memories

Mood: Cold & Starving
Listening to: Tiwi's random play list

"Lazy Saturday afternoon; 12.38.
After school, a surprise comes in.
A friendship to remember by name.
Happiness, Pain or Love? Call it Lust.
Late night talks with forbidden smile.
I hold back every time, every night.
Fancy words & truly desire.
My heart beats so fast.
I can't catch every breathe you made.
It was all jest. Keep treasuring it.
Say good bye; say good night."

- Ryan aka Silver

Monday, September 22, 2008

let go, we're still breathing

Mood: stoked slash gloomy
Listening to: Katy Perry - Thinking of you (over & over, I'm dead serious)

Yesterday was the day that I've been waiting for. Il periodo di waiting comes to an end. Its been three months since I keep my hunch to anonymous. Yea, no need to name someone.
Finally, the story & conclusions ended up. We talked it very nice & smooth. No "F" word, just straight to the point. And I promise to myself that no single drop of tears will fall. The good part is I already set my myself in this kind of scenario. The boohoo-cry-me-a-river days were over. Pointless. It was very tough but I can move on. It will takes time. :]
Weird feelings but the bottom line is I'm happy. Worry-free. No regrets.

In the mean time:


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Quattro ore di divertimento

Spotted: On a cold Thursday morning, lil R walking at Piazza della Repubblica well dress up nothing on his mind but to take & finish the exam. Later on he go straight ahead to Termini & go to his favorite spot -- bookstore. Lil R find a hiding place & stay there for 4 hours. Looks like he found his nouvelle maison. Attento R, someone might caught you.

You know you love every minute of it. Just remember you're not the only one can tear themselves away. The rumors are true. The book that exposes the real life of Manhattan's upper east side & the outsiders who want in. Don't you just love to have a moment w/ your own possession & a vodka gimlet under your sweet rĂªve?

Books that I'm gonna buy, dammit!

In other unrelated news, I'm deeply in love w/ these:

Sorry, I won't share these w/ you. :]
But for my lil spidey, yes. Aha! Oh I almost forgot, he's not a fan of dolce. xD

So if you'll excuse me I'm gonna watch One Tree Hill & 90210 rerun while having the 2nd deadly sin which is gluttony. Hahah!


Sunday, September 14, 2008

last bash for cheap saturday

I'm late, kbye.
We ate duex dinner that night; Tina's beerday & Kieth's dinner party.
Main casts of the movie: Nausea for 50 cents.
Ryxx is bangin' , Feadz is shoutin'

Last night I went to Tina's bday party & Keith's last bash before her school starts. Tina's birthday was good especially the food but there are lot of boys who drinks like a cow. So my sister, Neiman, F & I, decided to "hit & run" the party. So from south, we headed north at Monteverde to start the night. This year's Notte Bianca was not as good as last year. So it was a great time to chill @ Keith's place. Besides bumming around the 4 corners of my room is a no-no. It was midnight when we started to put down the bottle of vodka the fact that we were three who only drinks it. After that we went to a piazza (i can't remember the name) where you can see the city of Rome. It was cold that night (Its Fall!!) & you can see dancing city lights. My moment. Tanti ragazzi were there & spent the whole night w/ frienzy. We were pretty tipsy & all I want is a magnum ice cream. Love. Ahaha!
So we went back & call the night out while watching:

kbye! xo

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Come, whisper in my ears

"Ci sono momenti in cui la vita ci chiede un cambiamento.
La transizione. Come le stagioni.
La nostra primavera e' stata meravigliosa, l'estate e' ormai finita.
Ci siamo persi il nostro autunno e ora, all'improvviso, fa freddo.
Fa cosi' freddo che tutto sta congelando.
Il nostro amore si era addormentato e la neve lo ha colto di sopresa ma se ti addormenti nella neve, non sentirai la morte avvicinarsi."

- Francine; Paris, Je T'aime
Grazie Stefano per le parole.

A very powerful words. Lately, my mind's shouting Paris maybe because it's a sign that my birthday will be held in Paris next year . Ahah! My best friend Lanvin will come & I'm gonna ask Stefano if he's free on that day for the second time. Eh enough with my birthday plans. Speaking of plans, I'm so frustrated because everything seems messed up. Literally. Like this comin' December 16th (no need for the exact info) date, I still need to figure things out cuz I really want to roam around with a very good friend of mine.


Friday, September 5, 2008

Photo Blog 103

Flea Market where are you?Just straight ahead.Hey Granpys, enjoy.Priceless. The Colloseum. Up here, sexy beastsHey Stefano! See? See? Ahaha!The Golden Tea. Throwing 2 euro on a bottle of tea is lame. So yea, I'm lame. Ha!Texting Budd. Yawn. Yawn. Yawn. ♥

I walked from Cavour to Colosseo. Bang!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Photo Blog 102

Lovers everywhere. My spot when meeting Gerry before going to school.

Go for straciatella!

You're the boss.

I'm home, hoes. ♥

I'm now a Lookbook member.
A big shout out to Pedro!. :)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Photo Blog 101

Busy crowd in Termini. Up here, dimwit.

Not-so-descent lunch at infamous McD.

Oh la la scuola. Fall is near.
Falling leaves; green becomes golden brown.

Diurna No Stop
Attenta al cane, papi.

Domenica; 31-08-08