Monday, April 13, 2009

Oh, my Guilianova

Click the image to see full view.
I got bored so I made the photos into a collage. To sum up my weekend aka Easter break was crazy fun night, 4 hours of depressing trip, yummy foods and drama.Haha!
I saw wrecked houses in L'Aquila from the earthquake and I felt sad and I had a goosebumps while seeing dark empty streets and everything was destroyed. It was like a ghost town. My sympathy to those people who lost their love ones.
Ok, Im sleepy.

Au revoir, xo


cavaán said...

hey babeh.
i like yummy food and drama.

not earthquakes :(


Anonymous said...

you have a very very nice blog :D just wanted to comment and let you know about the fact that someone just watched every single entry hehe.

keep it up :)

Glenoscka said...

i luv this!!!! great!!! and thnk u for the message in facebook!!!