Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fingertips on my back

"Someone said that love doesn't make the world go round,
but it makes the ride worthwhile. I want to do my ride with you on my side." -En

Time flies, love goes by.
Be my friend and lover after.
Oh why such a forbidden; deep in my heart you're the one.
Scared of crashing, dragging you out.
Everyday is a hope, everyday is a challenge.
Dont loose, hold on tight.
Be my drug; air.
Be my guest in this fragile heart.

-Yours truly
Oh why oh why Im so addicted to you? <3

Ciao! xo

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Photo: via
Its been awhile, folks. Im so lazy updating this. Anyways, Ive been busy doing unusual stuff. By means of unusual, of course the things that I dont do much. I go out much often and meet new friends. Last week I started to take photos of A and Im excited to see the result.
Good night!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Love is All Around

Im so nervous and happy when I first saw the video. It was good though. I'm not telegenic but it's all right. I really enjoyed it. :] Thanks to V. Becasting and of course Chris Costa. :] Wish you all the best! Support him --
The music video will premier on the 14th of Feb on national television. Enjoy!
P.S.: Ren, thanks for putting that vid on your favorite and your crazy comment as well. ;)

So today I really had a great time but I felt so odd suddenly. Its like, Im waiting; wanting for someone/something that you can't have it. Weird, non? I'm stuck in this hunch, and I know it'll not gonna happen. Hopeless.
Oh, and, thanks to Andriy for a decent lunch and dinner. You cook well, haha. :] See you around.
Advance Happy Valentines, mothafuckers!!!
Any plans?

Ciao! xo

Sunday, February 1, 2009

From Rusted Bullet to UNUSUAL LIGHT ++

The two photos were taken outside the Ahlens City. ♥
*I changed the title of my blog and the header as well. Why Unusual Light? I don't have a clue either, haha. Take it and love it.

I thought my Friday would be a dull ordinary day but it change into a delightful jour with a cup of tea and a nouveau musique from his own taste. I received an IM from A telling me to go to his place to have some tea and I said yes. He invited me for saying thank you because I helped him on his coffee table book project thingy.
It was my pleasure anyways. He shown me around and he lives in a beaut modern apartment. At first I was so shy and I don't know what to say but after some q&a portion; it changed and everything went well. He cooked pesto pasta for me. It was good. I leaved his house around 7:45-ish. And after a 3 metro and 2 bus rides I reached home. I'll never forget it. Grazie mille! :]
Here are some Katrina's goodies. I know you want it! Grab it, bitches!
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Happy Bidding!
P.S: She's not Katrina. :]
Good night!
Ex oh