Thursday, December 23, 2010

Witchy hour in Piramide

Scusami, I know that these photos are not appropriate in this season. Anyways last week, Stefano and I went to a cemetery near his place and I was quite amazed on what I saw. It was so different from the usual cemetery in my hometown in the Philippines. We took photos (sucks cos I ran off film) and just stayed for 15 minutes since the cemetery was a bout to close. I told him to go there next year when he comes back from Abruzzo.

Shirt - YSL, Hoodie - H&M, Peacoat - Topman, Pants - Zara, Leather satchel bag - Sisley, Glasses - Rayban, Scarf - vintage.

**** I took all the photos except the self-portrait.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New boots and cool tees

Yo! I finally received a package from Blood Is The New Black that I ordered a month ago, and its here already!!!! Its the "Blind Bargain Bag" by Dan Monick. 5 shirts for only 26 euros! My favorite tees are the "Giant Cum", "Ice cream" shirt and the COACD. Anyways, I got a from a landlady yesterday so thought the YSL manifesto bag is finally here. But when I went there to check it, it was a different package. Oh well, good thing it arrived. Though Im still waiting for the wristlet from YSL and the 2 stuff I bought from ASOS. I dont know why it takes so long, ASOS. *sad face*
PS: My new boots is made for running! I fucking love it. Its so light on my feet and so comfortable. :]]